How to Find Doctoral Thesis Proposal Examples with Comments

Comments on a doctoral thesis proposal provide the much needed guidance on what to do and what to avoid. Comments show that the proposal has been proofread. This reduces your chances of making mistakes and thus boosts the probability of producing a better quality paper.

  1. Request From Seniors
  2. Seniors in your department who have gone past the proposal stage are very resourceful when you are working on your paper. They have materials and resources that they either used or produced. They willingly assist you with proofread examples with supervisor comments. By engaging them further, you will get insights on what the comments meant and the adjustments they had to make. These seniors are available within the institutions and will offer the samples at no fee.

  3. Check From the Library
  4. Libraries stock an incredible variety of reference materials. In fact, it is the source of the highest quality resources especially for a doctoral thesis. Libraries scrutinize all documents provided to students and academic staff to ensure that it meets the high standards. They also employ assistants who guide you through the search of such books. These resources are provided free of charge.

  5. Go Online
  6. The internet stocks the largest collection and variety of proposal examples with comments. Most of these examples are free to download. They are available from institution websites or provided by writing agencies. The challenge is quality since you are not sure who made the comments. Since some are provided for commercial purposes, a lot of attention may not be paid to quality.

  7. Among Peers
  8. There are peers working on their doctoral thesis as well. Request to use their proposal or examples that they may have used to draft their own. Since they are available within the institution, you may discuss with them to seek clarification in case there are fuzzy areas. Their sample proposals are available free of charge.

  9. Your Department and Committee
  10. The department stocks a wide range of samples for use by faculty and students. In fact, you have a committee and supervisor to assist you through various stages. Part of the assistance you get are thesis proposal samples. Since they come from the department, they have specific directions on what is expected of you. The team may also make additional comments while discussing what is expected of you.