Writing Good Dissertation: Little-Known Tricks

Each year, I encounter dozens of graduate students asking for any assistance I could give on the process of researching, writing, and creating good thesis. The truth of the matter is that there isn’t a single system that applies to each student, so there has to be some level of trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t. Still, I try to offer whatever help I can and have come up with the five essential, but little-known tricks one should know about good dissertation writing.

Implement a Long- and Short Term Strategy

Even before you start conducting research on your given topic, you will need to first receive approval from your advisor to continue with work. You have to implement both long-term and short-term strategies to keep track of major and minor milestones as well as their due dates.

Arrange to Meet with Your Advisor & Colleagues

Coming up with a good dissertation topic isn’t always as easy as it was to do so in your earlier coursework. Your topic must explore new areas and “push the envelope” within your area of study. Converse often with your advisor and colleagues to ensure you narrow the focus of your topic to something that makes a significant contribution to the discipline.

Search for Sample Documents on the Internet

Finding well-written examples of good dissertations is an excellent strategy to learn everything about proper writing style to proper formatting. You can find many good samples at the school library, but you might want to turn to the web to find a custom document you can use for reference to do your own project.

Take Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Breaks from Work

Taking constant breaks hourly, daily, and weekly will help you work more effectively and efficiently. But it’s important that you have some structure when you take these breaks. Keep a dedicated work schedule and identify the times you need to take off to refuel and refresh. You’ll be glad you did.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle through the Process

The one piece of advice that comes as a surprise to people when they ask how to write a good dissertation is the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means eating well and getting plenty of rest. Don’t let your body suffer through the process in any way. If you stay in tip-top shape you’ll create a much better product.

Most of these tricks can be applied to all forms of college writing. Give them all a try and modify accordingly. The more of an effort you put into making the researching and writing processes into a veritable system, the easier it will be for you to complete any assignment – in any discipline. Don’t hesitate to share these with your classmates and always look for more useful tricks online where you have access to thousands of resources made available from some of the best writing professionals in the world.